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We offer:
: Aromatherapy : Bowen : Holistic Massage : Indian Head Massage : Reiki :
: Hot Stone Therapy :

Each therapist works in a slightly different way. Therefore the treatment you get from us here at Intuitive Bodywork may differ slightly from treatments you have had else where.

New to Complementary Therapies?

Many people are unsure about what happens in a therapy session. Please have a look at our guide at the bottom of this page and do not hesitate to contact for more information or further details.

Therapies #01


A rebalancing therapy that uses essential oils which are specially selected & blended to suit your needs and applied using a carefully selected range of light to medium massage techniques.
Aromatherapy is thousands of years old with origins in ancient Egypt, India and the Far East. This deceptively simple therapy has been used for centuries. Modern aromatherapy helps to reduce stress and tension; improve mood; aid relaxation relaxation and sleep; or promote a feeling of alertness and invigoration.
Each powerful essential oils is extracted from a particular part of a plant and each has different properties. Your essential oils are chosen and blended according to the outcome you desire and their properties. The blend is then applied with a rebalancing massage incorporating techniques such as muscle release, meridian stroking, light acupressure and zone walking. During your treatment the essential oils are absorbed into the body where they go to work.
As the oils warm and vapourise you inhale you can really appreciate the aromatic balance of your blend. As you breathe in and smell the essential oils they begin to affect the limbic area of the brain. As this is the part that is related to our emotions and memory an aromatherapy treatment also gently engages the mind.
Aromatherapy is a truly holistic experience.

An aromatherapy treatment can:
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Improve well being
  • Support the immune system
    And as an added bonus: The essential oils stay with you after the treatment itself ends!

    Blends can also be created for you to use at home or as gifts for friends and family.

  • Therapies #02

    Bowen Therapy

    This is a gentle subtle energy technique. Fingers or thumbs are used to make light moves drawing skin slack over tendons, ligaments or the edges of muscles. This position is held for a moment, to energise, then the skin is lightly rolled back to complete the move.
    Bowen is different to other forms of bodywork in that in-between moves the therapist will pause, leaving you (sometimes even leaving the room) to allow your body to process and digest the moves.

    A Bowen treatment can:
  • Encourage relaxation
  • Improve local circulation
  • Increase range of movement
  • Re-balance micro tensions in the muscles
  • Release stress and trauma
  • Improve musclo-skeletal problems
  • Help to restore the movement of energy with in the body

  • Therapies #03


    Massage is the most natural of the healing arts. It requires nothing more, or less, than the touch of the practitioner. Touch has incredible power. Without touch we close down and suffer emotionally. With touch we open up, and nurture ourselves and others. Studies have shown that touch reduces stress, depression and pain. It boosts our immune system, loosens us physically and help us express ourselves.

    The application of appropriate touch in this nurturing therapy uses carefully selected techniques at different depths to work with your body in order to help you on your path to well being. Lighter stokes are used on delicate and bony areas with firmer touch being used on the more thickly muscled areas which tend to hold tension. As different strokes have different effects on your body, mind and emotions massage can be relaxing, invigorating, calming or reviving. Above all our massages are always supportive and nurturing, helping you to release physical as well as emotional tensions.

    Sports massages generally work on a specific area and focus more on supporting injury prevention, recovery and management; enhancing range of movement and performance; event preparation and recovery.

    Remedial massages are more focused on increasing physical well-being; reducing muscle tightness; increasing range of movement and flexibility. These less area specific massages tend to be more focused on well-being and good physical and emotional health.

    Massage can be done with different mediums such as pure vegetable oils, creams, waxes or with pre blended aromatherapy oils.

    A massage treatment can:
  • Relieve muscle tension and tightness
  • Decrease the symptoms of stress
  • Improve circulation and flexibility
  • Improve your overall health
  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • Help you to open up and express ourselves

  • Therapies #04

    Hot Stone Therapy

    This special treatment combines the benefits of massage with those of thermal therapy. The heat from the stones penetrates deep into your muscles increasing the releasing of tight muscle fibres, aches and pains. The stones can be used for light and deep tissue strokes and for the more subtle unwinding that happens when the stones are tucked or laid in contact with your body.
    Cold stones can also be used to reduce puffiness swelling, inflammation and assist in injury management.

    A Stone Therapy treatment can:
  • Give deep relief of muscle tightness
  • Deeply relax and unwind the whole person
  • Reduce the symptoms of stress
  • Improve your immune system, circulation and flexibility
  • Improve your health and well-being
  • Speed up the movement of nutrients to aid recovery and repair of your body

  • Therapies #05


    Reiki means Universal Life-Force Energy.

    It is a safe non-intrusive hands on healing technique. Reiki uses the Universal Life-Force energy to promote and enhance healing within the recipient.
    It acts to harmonise and balance the whole self and can be received no matter what medical conditions a person may have.

    In a Reiki treatment you remain fully clothed. For increased relaxation, you are usually lying down, but Reiki can be received sitting up or, indeed, any position that is comfortable to you. It is a hands on form of healing so some light touch is felt during the session. If you prefer Reiki can be given with no contact.

    For those living a distance away, needing regular 'top-ups' or for those too unwell to travel Reiki can be sent as distance healing. This is generally done at a mutually convenient time. Reiki can also be requested to be sent to other people, or to a situation or particular time.

    A Reiki treatment can:
  • Increase feelings of calmness and inner tranquillity
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • support wellbeing
  • Sooth and relax muscles

  • Therapies #06

    Indian Head Massage

    This is a seated clothed form of massage focusing on the head, neck, shoulders and upper arms.

    The head, neck and shoulder hold a great deal of our accumulated day to day tension. Just think about those tension headaches, how we clench our jaws to hold things in, the way our shoulders so often end up around our ears! They are areas rich in nerve endings and respond well to touch and massage.

    Indian Head massage was originally developed by women as part of an ancient grooming ritual. The women used different oils during different seasons to keep their hair in beautiful condition. It didn't take long for the men to pick up the skills. The main difference was that the barbers primarily gave scalp massages to invigorate and revive the client rather than for hair care.

    An Indian Head Massage treatment can:
  • Relieve stiff and sore neck muscles
  • Reduce tension headaches
  • Helps mental tiredness
  • Improve concentration
  • Improve circulation to the scalp and the condition of your hair

  • New to Complementary Therapies?

    Are you unsure about what happens in a session? It is not unusual to feel unsure or to have questions about what happens in a treatment. There are often concerns which hold people back from experiencing the wonderful world of complementary therapies. The most common of which is " How much clothing do I have to take off?".

    During Your First Appointment we will begin with a confidential consultation. Time is taken for the therapist to find out about you and what you would like from your treatment. As all treatments are tailored to your individual needs and are fully holistic it is important that the therapist has an understanding of your physical, mental and emotional needs. This is time also for you to ask questions and express any concerns.
    All aspects of the treatment are under your control and are discussed to ensure you are comfortable with every thing that is agreed.
    Following this discussion a treatment plan is agreed between you and your therapist. This is the treatment you will receive in this session. After the treatment itself there is time for you to rest, re-dress (depending on the treatment) and discuss the session with the therapist. She may also give you suggestions to assist with your ongoing well-being.

    In each further session: time is set aside to check how you have been and discuss your needs for the current session. There is time for the treatment itself, for you to rest and come back to the world. Time is also allowed for the therapist to check in with you after the treatment and offer you support, guidance and to answer any questions.

    Still have a question or a concern about your treatment?
    Please call 0208 8926 2239 or email me

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