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Supervision 13th July 2024
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New intake to the Supervision Group
Our person centred supervision group is open for new participants on the second Wednesday evening of the month, 6.45 - 9.15pm.
The group will be no larger than 5 people and the content and focus of each session set by the members of the group. This is a facilitated group and is particularly suitable for newer and part time therapists as there is lots of scope to gain support, exchange ideas, swop treatments and learn from one another.
We ask you to commit to the group for at least a term so that you can benefit from the support and development of the group.

Term dates:
  • January 12th, February 9th, March 9th, April 13th
  • May 11th, June 8th, July 13th
  • September 14th, October 12th, November 9th, December 7th

    Investment: 40/monthly session or a discounted rate of 35/session if paid in full for the whole term by the first session.
    As spaces are limited please contact Karen as soon as possible if you are interested

  • What is supervision?

    Supervision is word which often conjures up images of some-one who knows telling some-one who doesn't what to do.
    In fact the word 'supervision' doesn't begin to describe what happens in good supervision.
    There is the re-assurance of having some-one to discuss things with in confidence, the creativity and richness of exchanging thoughts and ideas, the feeling of being supported & nourished in times of difficulty and knowing some-one is there for you, the rekindling of your fire when things are stale.

    Supervision is the joint exploration of material presented by the supervisee. It is the chance to reflect upon aspects of your practice and gain insight, support and guidance. It is the opportunity to grow as a therapist and develop the effectiveness of your treatments and your client/therapist relationship.

    Why do you need supervision?

    We all know how important it is for complementary therapists to receive regular treatments for their own self care & understanding. But often this isn't enough.
    As a practitioner we engage with our clients physically, but we also engage with them mentally and emotionally. This is particularly so if we are holistic therapists. These mental and emotional aspects deserve the same focus and attention that the physical side gets.

    During our learning phase we are given support on all aspects of our inter-actions with a client. Once we are practicing where do we get this support from? Supervision.

    Have you ever wanted to ask questions about something a client is presenting, or how you responded to a client. Or wanted to discuss your difficulties with some-one who will support and not judge then supervision is for you. If you have ever felt alone as a therapist, had doubts about your future or your practice then supervision is for you.

    How do you decide what you need?

    There is always an initial telephone conversation between the prospective supervisor and supervisee. This allows for you both to explore each others suitability and for you to discuss your needs. During this time the suitability of different types of support will be discussed to work out which might best suit you at the time.

    The initial meeting is commitment free. You can meet the prospective supervisor or the group before making a final decision about whether that form or that group are right for you.

    1 - 1 in person

    New or experienced, self-employed or employed, light or heavy case load, this form of supervision works well for all types of practitioner.

    This individual time gives lots of space for reflection, learning, growth and development.

    Small Group

    This is a group of usually 4 - 6 therapists who commit to meeting for 5 sessions. These can be monthly or bi-monthly depending on the group.
    Newly qualified practitioners and those working alone find this form of support particularly useful. Not only can you bring your questions, concerns and clients to the space but you can also gain and learn from the experiences and questions of others. It gives you a chance to interact with different therapists and often different therapies.

    Karen runs a specialist 'New Practitioner' group which meets monthly for 5 sessions. This group helps to nurture the newly qualified practitioner through the transition from student to clinician.

    Via Telephone

    These are often shorter sessions. You can schedule them regularly (usually fortnightly or monthly) or they can be arranged on a more ad-hoc basis.

    This form of support is ideal for those who would otherwise have to travel long distances or who, for some other reason, are unable to attend personal supervision. It also provides scope for 'emergency' supervision, when things come up that you need immediate help, support or guidance with.

    It can be used instead of or in conjunction with face to face support.

    Business mentoring

    Feeling stuck with your practice? Not as many clients as you would like? Not sure where to go from here? Feeling a little overwhelmed or unsupported?

    For those not in another form of supervision with Karen who would like the space and opportunity to bounce around some business ideas, re-light their fire, gain direction or perspective Karen offers business mentoring.

    This might be one longer intensive session to re-ignite you or a set of shorter sessions over time to keep you flowing and growing. The choice is yours.

    Development Days

    These are whole day events for slightly larger groups which are held 3-4 times a year.

    The day is a blend of supervision, mentoring, exchange, discussion supported practical and exchange.

    These rich and diverse days are very much group led, with the focus of each day being set by the group at the beginning.

    These are open groups in that practitioners can come to as many, or as few, as they like and do not have to commit to them.

    For the cost of 1-2 treatments you get a full day of nurture, usually with a treatment thrown in!

    Care & Share Days

    These are occasional days hosted by us for your nourishment & pleasure.
    These days are a chance to informally chat to other therapists, network and exchange treatments.

    Therapists are encouraged to bring lunch, including something to share, as this helps to encourage the chatting and sharing.

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